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Within reach in just two hours

Chile’s geographic characteristics allow a producer in the capital of Santiago, to start his day filming in a modern city at dawn, to continue filming in the mountains at noon and wrap up shooting the sunset at a beach on the central coast.
Chile – the longest and narrowest country in the world, situated between the ocean and the mountains – is recognized for its beauty and unique geographical diversity, which offers a wide range of locations.

Chile spans over 38 latitudes and literally has it all when it comes to locations. Modern cities and roads, the world`s driest desert, glaciers and fjords, dense rainforest in the unique rainy temperate forest of South America, wondrous waterfalls and luscious valleys. You can also find fine white or black sand beaches and pounding waves along thousands of kilometers of coast. Not to mention that throughout the length of the country you can admire the Andes mountain range, which has active snow-capped volcanoes forming part of what is known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire”.

There is satellite information and internet connectivity throughout Chile. Fiber-optic networks connect the country´s most remote locations while urban centers have 4G technology, which enables excellent mobile phone communication with all the countries in the world.