Why Chile

Every location in one diverse country

Chile is recognized for its natural beauty and unique geographical diversity. It offers a wide range of locations and landscapes that resemble North America and Europe.



There are 15 regions throughout the country that offer almost every possible climate condition and landscape: the dry desert in the north, the mild weather in the central area and the humid forest of the south, as well as the subtropical area of Easter Island.

Within reach in two hours

The proximity of highly varied landscapes allows for mountain to sea production all in one day, passing through towns and cities, vineyards and fields. Less than 65 miles from Santiago, the capital, you can find ski resorts, mountains, forests, beaches, coastal highways and major vineyards.

Opposite seasons

Seasons opposite from the northern hemisphere means many hours of sun and natural light during the summer season in Chile (winter in the northern hemisphere).

Time Zone

Chile´s time zone is aligned with North America’s east coast time, and it is only four hours behind most European time zones.

Easy, safe & reliable country

Chile is recognized as the safest and most reliable country in Latin America, and is known for its stability and modernity. Come shoot with us!


Chile is the country which boasts the highest number of free trade agreements in Latin America, and is considered by many companies as the gateway to the continent.


According to the economist’s “safe cities index” , Santiago is the safest city in Latin America. In addition, a worldwide study prepared by Newsweek, rates Chile as Latin America’s best country in which to live.


According to the NGO Transparency International, Chile is the most transparent country in Latin America, tying first place with Uruguay. It was also ranked as the 21st most transparent country worldwide, from a total of 175 countries.

ATA carnet

Chile offers the ATA carnet, which is a customs document that allows free temporary admission of goods, exempted from import duties and other taxes such as vat. This protocol speeds up and simplifies procedures with Chilean customs, to facilitate the temporary importation of goods.

High Tech Equipment & Professional Crews

Every year, several world-class productions are developed and produced in the country. This is why qualified Chilean technicians can meet every demand during all stages involved in the film production chain. In addition, Chile has cutting edge equipment such as the Russian arm and Milo Motion Control Rig, as well as other equipment, for all types of productions.


The “flight head” is available in Chile, which can be mounted on the roof of a car, and can move smoothly on a 360° radius, absorbing vibrations, even at high speed.


Specialized in all areas – from directors to key grips, art directors and stylists – Chile’s production professionals have invaluable experience and knowledge of their craft.

Russian Arm

Chile boasts one of two Russian arms in Latin America, a crane with gyro stabilized head mounted on a utility car, controlled remotely by a joystick.

Mount for helicopters

Prepared with the “Tyler” mount mini, nose and mini gyro, to capture high quality images from the air.

MILO “Motion Control”

Computer-controlled movement rig that uses electrical motors, ideal to create special effects and CGI.